Christmas Spirit

Ways to use Christmas Spirit Essential Oil Blend

Have you tried Christmas Spirit essential oil blend?

Christmas Spirit is a delightfully uplifting blend of 3 essential oils – orange, cinnamon bark and spruce.

Our sense of smell is closely tied to the limbic system, the part of our brains that processes emotions and memories. When we breathe in aromas that trigger happy memories from our past, it floods our bodies with feel good hormones that help us experience joy in the present as well.

Christmas Spirit is much more than a reminder of happy times. The oils in this blend actually are beneficial for us in several ways:

Orange oil is widely known as a “happy” oil.  It is high in antioxidants and supports a healthy immune system for overall well-being.

Traditionally, cinnamon was thought to have a frequency that attracted wealth and abundance. It is so much more than that, though. It is also supportive to the immune system and overall well-being. It is easy to see that a blend that includes cinnamon bark oil, such as Christmas Spirit or Thieves, would be an excellent one to diffuse all winter long.

Spruce is supportive to the respiratory system and helps us feel emotionally balanced.

Ways to Use Christmas Spirit:

  • Diffuse with a cold air diffuser
  • Add several drops to a spray bottle filled pure water to freshen the air as desired
  • Inhale directly
  • Apply over heart, on wrists, neck, or foot Vita Flex points
  • Scent clothes in your dryer by putting 2 drops on a wet cloth and adding it to the items to be dried
  • Add 2 drops to your paper vacuum cleaner bag to “diffuse” while cleaning
  • Dilute with a carrier oil for a full body massage
  • Apply to soles of feet and balance (left hand to left foot, right hand to right foot)
  • Add a few drops to Slique Tea for a deliciously uplifting variation

So there you go…Christmas Spirit is another great smelling and useful blend from Young Living. Enjoy it NOW and all year long!

Christmas Spirit

  • Item No. 3356
  • 5 ml