Quick and Healthy Protein Drinks

Do you ever find yourself pressed for time and run out the door hungry?  I hate it when I do that to myself.  That’s when I am tempted to grab fast food (Chipotle or Panera) or the worst is going to the grocery store while hungry.  Never do that! It’s not a good plan!

It’s important to give your body good nutrition every day and Young Living’s meal replacements are one of the quickest, easiest ways to get balanced nutrition.

Young Living has created three types of meal replacements to meet a variety of needs. Power Meal is a vegetarian option that’s high in protein, while Pure Protein Complete is a good, basic vanilla whey protein powder.  Balance Complete is an ideal everyday choice that can be used as a complete meal replacement.

Here’s what I do for quick nutrition:

I just add a few ounces of NingXia Red and 2 scoops of Pure Protein Complete to my shaker cup and top off with water.  Shake, shake!  I am good to go and out the door!  If I have more time, I blend frozen berries, almond milk or water, Pure Protein Complete, and sometimes, a handful of spinach.  That combination is delightful and very satisfying.

So, how do you know which meal replacement is right for you?

Use the comparison chart below to help you decide which one is best for you.


Power Meal Balance Complete Pure Protein Complete
Serving Size 52 grams 52 grams 45 grams
Usage Vegetarian solution for a filling snack or as a complete meal replacement For use as a filling snack or as a complete meal replacement Ideal for use as a snack or to supplement protein intake
Protein Sources Brown rice Whey (dairy derived) Whey (dairy derived)
Protein Per Serving 20.6 grams 11 grams 20 grams
Fiber Per Serving 7.1 grams total3.2 grams insoluble 11.02 grams total2.27 grams insoluble 5 grams total0.1 grams insoluble
Meal Replacement Yes Yes No
Total Fat 3.32 grams 6.17 grams 2.85 grams
Saturated Fat 1.1 grams 2.78 grams 1.27 grams
Carbohydrates 24.2 grams 26.11 grams 16.68 grams
Vegetarian/Vegan Yes No No