Just Relax

Relaxing and getting away from it all is not just a nice diversion – it’s essential for lasting well-being. Creating harmony in your life starts with balancing work and relaxation, so don’t neglect taking quiet moments to unwind. Make the most of your me-time with portable essential oil roll-ons that you can enjoy at the park, on the beach, or wherever you go to recharge your batteries.

Stress Away Roll-On

Stress Away Roll-on provides a convenient solution for finding  the calm and confidence you need.

Stress Away is a unique, light blend of Vanilla, Lime, Copaiba, and other pure essential oils with a relaxing, soothing aroma. Apply to shoulders and neck or inhale directly to help keep you calm.


Tranquil Roll-On

Tranquil Roll-On combines the comforting aromas of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile into a blend that is easy to apply and even easier to love. Just inhale deeply or roll onto your wrists and neck for an instant vacation.