Constant Comfort

One of my favorite copaiba concoctions reminds me of the Constant Comment tea one of my friends used to drink. This blend DOES smell…so good it often evokes comments when I am wearing the blend!

Constant Comfort

2 drops orange
2 drops clove
2 drops copaiba

Drop oils into palm of hand and stir 3 times with opposite hand. Apply as needed. This blend is warm, so if it is uncomfortable, layer on a good vegetable carrier oil to cool things down.

These oils can be blended together ahead of time. Just add equal parts of each oil in the order given in an empty 5 or 15 ml bottle. Dilute with a carrier oil if you choose. For example, to a 15 ml bottle, add 40 drops of each oil and then top it off with V-6 carrier oil…it will be approximately a 50% dilution. Add an AromaGlide Roller to the bottle for easy application to those spots that need some comfort.

These oils are also a warming addition to water or tea. What a delicious way to support your immune system as you drink more water!