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Show You Care With Raindrop Technique

Last summer I went to a 3 day CARE Intensive where I learned how to do the Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex, as well as a little about essential oil chemistry, the Bible oils, and emotional release with essential oils.  It was a fun, education packed three days!

My purpose in learning the Raindrop Technique was to have the know-how to help my friends and family with the oils when they need a little TLC or have a health challenge.  Do you have anyone you would like to help in that way?

3137 Raindrop CollectionWhile going to the CARE class was great, everything you really need is right in Young Living’s Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection. (#3137) It includes the nine oils used in the protocol, Ortho Ease massage oil, and V-6 carrier oil.

To order an instructional DVD on the Raindrop Technique, go to LifeSciencePublishers.com. There is a special offer right now you might want to check out.

So order your kit and DVD, invite your friends over to watch the DVD and practice on each other.  It is one of the best gifts you can give to someone you love!

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Raindrop Technique For Children

In this post, Kaye Lynne shares how to perform Raindrop Technique on children:

Children exchange germs with each other every day.  They pick them up on the playground, in the classroom, or wherever they are near other children.  So what can we do as parents and grandparents to protect our families from winter bugs?  Give your kids the incredible benefits of Young Living’s Raindrop Technique to keep their immune systems healthy.

If you have any concerns about using essential oils on children, try the oils on their feet first.  If they handle the oils well, try them sparingly on the back as indicated below.  Keep an eye out for reddening of the skin and let children know to tell you if they feel any burning.  If this happens, you can easily add V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex immediately to cool down the skin.

To perform the Raindrop Technique, have the child lay quietly on a bed or a massage table:

  1. Start with Valor essential oil blend.  Put a drop of Valor in each hand.  Cross your arms and apply Valor to the child’s feet.  Hold the feet and wait for an energy change in the body.
  2. One at a time, apply oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, wintergreen, marjoram, and peppermint essential oils (in this order) up the spine of the foot.  Use the Vita Flex Technique for this.  Remember:  Children can be more sensitive to the oils; only use one drop of each oil on the feet.
  3. Have the child roll onto his or her tummy to put the oils on the back.  Rub your finger over the essential oil bottle to get a little bit of oil on your finger, then rub the oil up the spine starting from the lower back up.  A full drop of oil may be too much if the child is fair skinned.  Lightly feather stroke each oil up the spine.  Start with oregano and continue with thyme the same way.  Watch for any redness or discomfort and apply V-6 if necessary.
  4. Rub your finger over the bottle of basil essential oil.  Rub basil up both sides of the spine, then feather stroke it in.  Now do the spinal pull three times up the spine.
  5. Rub your finger over the bottle of wintergreen essential oil.  Rub it up both sides of the spine, then feather stroke it in.  Now do the thumb roll, called Vita Flex Technique, three times up the spine.
  6. Next, rub your finger over the bottle of marjoram essential oil.  Rub it up both sides of the spine, then feather stroke it in.  Now, with big circles, massage up the side of the back on both sides three times.
  7. Apply a very small amount of Aroma Siez essential oil blend to the areas of the back and feather stroke it in.  Then do the glide stroke, going back and forth across the back working up the back working up the back three times.  You can do a light massage to release any tension or tightness in the back.
  8. Now rub your finger over the bottle of peppermint essential oil.  Rub it up both sides of the spine, then feather stroke it in up the sides of the spine.  Watch for any burning or hot areas and add V-6 massage oil if necessary.

The Raindrop Technique is a great way to prepare kids for the winter and help them fight off germs.  It also gets them more used to using Young Living’s essential oils at an early age.

Peace be with you,

Kaye Lynne

The preceding article is taken from Seed to Seal, Issue 4, Volume 1.

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Raindrop Technique – The Art of Bringing Balance

Essential oils were used in ancient times to lift the spirit and increase the energies of the body. The Bible contains many examples of oils being used to anoint and cleanse the body. The beautiful ritual of applying oils was practiced with the purest intentions in the hope of bringing great joy and relief to both those who gave and those who received it.
Raindrop Technique is one of Young Living’s most popular essential oil collections. This energizing technique has been used for years as a highly effective method for balancing and rejuvenating the mind and body. The essential oils found in Young Living’s Raindrop collection penetrate the skin and promote energy and vitality. When oils are properly applied to neck, back and feet, this technique can bring about electrical alignment and helps relieve a variety of discomforts caused by imbalances in the body, especially those found in the spine.

The Raindrop Technique, a gentle massage method of “dropping” essential oils on the spine and back, was introduced to modern society by D. Gary Young. His inspiration came from the traditions of the Lakota Indians. A Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk told Gary the story of how the Lakota people used to migrate to Canada each spring. There they would experience the beauty and healing benefits of the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights.

The Lakota people would reach their hands high into the sky, using them as antennas to pull down vibrant energy from the dancing lights. They would breathe the energy level in and push it up their spines. They believed that these enchanting lights had the power to raise their personal energy level and to make them well. In the 1800s, when the borders between the United States and Canada were completed, the Lakota people could no longer travel north to experience the energizing effects of the Northern Lights. So they used feathers instead to raise their energy, brushing them lightly up the spine.

A few years after his meeting with Wallace Black Elk, Gary studied the beneficial effects of therapeutic-grade essential oils on spinal malformities and other difficulties of the body. He was inspired at that time to use a brushing technique similar to what is used by the Lakota when applying the oils. The result is the famous Raindrop Technique, which has benefited thousands.

This collection includes nine 5 ml bottles of Young Living’s essential oils and two bottles of Young Living’s premium massage oils.

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