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The Stink Stops Here!

A key factor in keeping body odor at bay is not allowing bacteria to thrive in those warm, moist areas.

Essential oils are obviously perfect in this arena because most of them have antibacterial properties to a certain extent.  The list I have compiled is of oils that have superior antibacterial properties AND are suitable to use as deodorant.  This does not include every antibacterial oil Young Living offers because frankly, some of them are just too hot to put in certain places!  You are welcome!  ; )

Antibacterial Oils To Use As Deodorant

**   *** more antibacterial       + = also antifungal

Basil ** Orange ** +
Chamomile Palmarosa +
Clary Sage Patchouli +
Copaiba ** Peppermint +
Coriander** Petitgrain
Cypress Ravintsara +
Eucalyptus** Rosemary +
Geranium *** ++ Rosewood*** ++
Grapefruit ** Sage +
Lemon ** Sandalwood +
Lime** Spearmint ++
Melaleuca Alternifolia ***  ++++ Citrus Fresh
M.  Quinquenervia  *** ++++ Christmas Spirit
Neroli Melrose +++
Ocotea Purification,  R. C.

This is not a complete list of antibacterial oils.  I left off the “HOT” oils like oregano, thyme, clove, Thieves, etc.

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