Seasonal Allergy Testimonials

“I used to use steroid nasal inhalers every late summer until the first killing frost for my allergies.  I no longer need to because I’ve discovered Lavender oil.  I put a few drops on the bottoms of my feet, chest and throat every morning.  I experimented and stopped doing it once, and by the 3rd day the allergies were back.  Once I resumed, they were gone again within 24 hours.” – Cynthia T.

“My wife has had seasonal allergies for years and has been taking Claritin for as many as she can remember.  After hearing about the many properties of this “Swiss army knife” of oils, Lavender, she wanted to try it.  She applied the oil to her chakra points and behind the ears in the AM and PM and whenever she began to fill up. This oil has helped wean her from the nasty allergy meds and naturally taken away almost all the symptoms of her allergies.  It works”  – Korty C.


“At times I get allergy symptoms with itchy eyes, congestion, etc.  I massage a drop of Lavender into the back of my neck, on my ears, and sometimes above my brow and on my sinuses (being careful to avoid the eyes) and within minutes the symptoms subside.  I LOVE Lavender!”  – Rita D.


“My son is 7 years old and I’ve had great results with YL oils and his seasonal allergies.  April and May are his worst months so this is the regimen I use on him:

I give him a capsule with 5 drops of Lavender with 1 oz. of NingXia Red in the morning, after school and at dinner time.  If it is a really bad day I give him a pack of NingXia Red to bring to school for lunch.

Also, before school I apply Breathe Again to his neck and chest and Tranquil on his cheekbones, temples and above the eyebrow to relieve his puffy eyes.  Before bed he gets a Life 5 too.  With this regimen he hasn’t missed a day of school or needed a trip to the doctor.  It’s been wonderful!” – Natalie A.


“I’ve been using Young Living’s peppermint oil since last year and it has helped both my daughters with issues such as fever and seasonal allergies.  I also had a bout with allergies earlier this year and peppermint helped keep my sinuses clear. ”  – Wanda G.


“Both my husband and I have weepy eyes and sneezy, drippy noses because of allergies.  We both took prescription nasal sprays and also OTC decongestants for several years.

We now take 2 drops of Lavender in the morning in our 1 oz. NingXia drink, and we have both been free of all allergy symptoms for the last 10 months.  Also, just breathing in the lavender from the bottle is a quick fix.  No more stuffy, drippy noses, weepy eyes, or sneezes for us.  And, no more drugs!!  Thanks Young Living!” – Victoria L.


“My son has severe allergies and asthma.  We live in the South where every weed, tree and grass blooms in the spring and there is ‘green stuff’ everywhere.  My son used RC on his feet putting it on the bottom of his feet, on the tips of his toes which are the reflexology points for sinuses.  Also, we put a drop of Raven on top of his feet and rubbed it in for his asthma.  He carried a small bottle of it in his pocket for emergencies or other triggers, but other than that we did this every morning and at bedtime and had great success.” – Kristen D.

“I have suffered from allergies practically all my life.  Most of the OTC/prescription medicines that I’ve used have made me EXTREMELY tired and spacey.  Sometimes I was afraid to take the medicine during the day because I was concerned about my ability to care for my children.

When I joined Young Living I began experimenting with the typical go-to oils for allergies including lavender and RC.  Although these oils were helpful, I was not experiencing the relief that I needed.  When I heard about the benefits of MSM for allergies, I decided to try Sulfurzyme.  I must tell you that I have finally experienced wonderful relief.  I can actually breathe through my nose consistently.  I take 2 caps in the AM and 2 in the PM.

I am very thankful that I ran across Sulfurzyme and my children are thankful that they have an alert mommy!”  – April M.


“I get inhaler blanks from ( and load them with Rosemary oil to be used for nasal and sinus congestion. It works like a charm. “  –  Jacquelyn K.

I used to have very bad pollen allergies and regularly took over-the-counter and prescription antihistamine meds to stop the symptoms, but a friend convinced me to try taking LAVENDER instead. I filled ½ of an 00 capsule with Lavender and swallowed it. Just before doing this I was really suffering with my sinuses, had a runny nose and frequent sneezing. I was totally miserable. After taking that one capsule, the entirety of my symptoms disappeared, and that was that. I didn’t have to take another capsule. Lavender is a great antihistamine!!! – Happi O.


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