Limonene: An Essential for Better Health

In June 2002,  the Natural Health Alert reported on how limonene (found in citrus oils) may make a difference when dealing with serious health challenges like cancer.   The article also points out that diets with a high limonene content are preventative against certain cancers.

Make sure to read THE ARTICLE.   It has important information that may benefit someone you love!

High Limonene Content Essential Oils:

Grapefruit  –  95.12%

Tangerine  –  94.62%

Orange  –  91.40%

Lemon  –  65.44%


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 Antitumorigenic effects of limonene and perillyl alcohol against pancreatic and breast cancer.

Prevention and therapy of cancer by dietary monoterpenes.

Cancer Chemoprevention and Therapy by Monoterpenes



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