More and more, health conscious consumers like us are giving serious thought about what we put on and in our bodies. From all sides, it seems like we are exposed to a wide array of chemicals that over time have taken a toll on our well-being. ENOUGH! It is time that we individually start claiming our wellness back by making choices that support health instead of tearing it down!

One important facet of the wellness puzzle is pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Many find that once they experience 100% pure essential oils, they are amazed at their versatility. By using them internally, aromatically, and topically, they are a lifestyle tool for all of us who are seeking healthy, happy lives!

Where to start?

As you start learning about essential oils, it sometimes is difficult to know where to start. You are not alone. That’s why Young Living has put together a beautiful starter kit that  includes 11 must-have oils and your choice of one of four essential oil diffusers. The Premium Starter Kit is the perfect way to introduce genuine essential oils into your healthy lifestyle!


The Young Living Difference: Seed to Seal

Young Living goes to great lengths to produce the highest-quality essential oils in the world.  The Seed to Seal process is our way of authenticating essential oil quality at each key stage of the production process: verifying plant species, taking great care to grow and cultivate plants, distilling the pure plant essence, testing to verify optimal level of constituents, and expertly bottling the final product. These steps are your guarantee that every Young Living essential oil you use and share is as pure and potent as nature intended.



Why choose Young Living?

  • Young Living has 20+ years of experience and research
  • They own their own farms and distilleries in Utah, Idaho, France, Ecuador, Oman, Israel, Peru, Canada, and Croatia.
  • They do not use pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals on their farms
  • Weed control is maintained by hoeing and hand-pulling
  • Anyone can visit their farms and participate in the harvest of plants
  • Their Seed to Seal guarantee
  • Each batch of oils are rigorously tested, both in-house and via 3rd party testing
  • They have the largest selection of single oils and blends
  • Their excellent customer service and product guarantee
  • Their ongoing support, education, and community

Discover Wellness, Purpose and Abundance with Essential Oils

Whether you are looking for natural wellness options or are looking for a satisfying way to build residual income, Young Living has something for everyone!

For more information on essential oils or our business opportunity, please contact me today!